Currently living in the Shenandoah Valley, raised on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and travels nationwide for his clientele, Shane grew up painting, drawing, making music and soon picking up one of his moms cameras to play around with during early childhood. He found fascination in the sounds and workings of a camera, mixed with his love of art it was a perfect pair. Today and for the past 10 plus years he has been photographing full time and dedicates his life to the work he creates.  Contact him for a talk about your upcoming event or needs. 

Current Menu:

Commercial Business Portfolios: I help your business look good, pictures sell! so look better then everyone else around you. 

Wedding Days:  With over 200 weddings shot we offer a "Journalistic Documentary" approach, very unobtrusive and mixed with a Commercial and Romanticism style portrait session. I am in love with weddings, I love to blend in like I am one of your crew that day. I only offer contracts to about 14 brides per year to create a friendship and comfort level that is unmatched. We are making art together. If you want snap shots and redo's of popular wedding photos...... as much as I can dissect images and easily recreate them.... I would rather see a brides favorite images and combine them all to create something fresh and unique to their liking.  If this sounds like what you have been looking for , contact me!  

Boudoir:  My take on a classic and intimate side this photographic art. The mystery of women in their own privacy, not to be confused with "Glamour" which many photographers have submitted to, by using tons of make up, big lights, posing on a bed and calling it boudoir.  My work is about subtle beauty, I don't need photoshop or require much posing, it's story and emotion based.  The style represents and showcases the female energy in its purest state.   *referrals and portfolio available on request.

FREE Portraits: people who love to be photographed - I also photograph fine art and commissions for Ad Campaigns and Bookcovers through an agency. I shoot many personal projects and often in need of muses for this work - I look for inspiring people easy to work with, specifically I enjoy working with people with NO experience, basically NON-models and children over 8.  Fill out the contact form if this interests you for more info. 

Thank You!