Random Thoughts from a Concerned Creative.

It is 2019 and I have not blogged for a year, I am very terrible at it for obvious reason (AHEM - social media) - so as I look back on my work , I shot alot of pictures and mostly showed them on social media sites, mostly my persoanl facebook and instagram, which almost have nothing to do with my wedding work, thats a whole other story. I have years of wedding to still post on facebook/insta. Still shooting 15-20 per year quota. But I maintain my sanity with personal work and so be it, thats what I post most often.

But I often wondered about a blog. I know some big named guys still do it but for the guy like me making a living from solely taking pictures, not blogging or vloging , I have questions and thoughts.

Has Facebook… or has it not …killed blogging for many creatives? Instagram has been there to help the process. I asked people what they though about blogs in 2019 and most agree they need to make a comeback and are not very existent as they could be or once were. They are hard to justify with social media being so relevant for showing new work to the masses . But, I often worry when I get the urge to use a blog over a social media site, why put my life on a blog for not many to see? and what if I die tomorrow … then my website subscription dies with me, all my hard work that my family could cherish is out the door. Why is everything so temporary.

19-Ricoh GR-brandon shane warren-1.jpg

Should I pack my bags?

And give up facebook posting for blog posting?

That above shot , I shot with a Ricoh GR , an amazing camera . AMAZING CAMERA.

Below is a wall shot of my personal portfolio currently which needs an update, or will it update here as well when I update it?