Outtake Takeout VOL.1 is available

A book I put together cheaply of the outtakes of personal and commercial work I have shot over the past years 2013-2017 roughly , I didnt want to make a 800 page book so i narrowed the first volume into 300 ish pages.

About the book

So I personally dig it. I think photographers often want the best quality print for their purpose but I went the other route I wanted homemade looking prints in a book, with all the random issues that cheap printers have. You know the leaks and runs and inability to produce the gamut of most images.

I got exactly what I wanted from LULU.COM . The images were dark and obscure and a lot different then the files would have been on clean photo paper. The book felt awesome. It’s huge and full of mystery .

I think if you enjoy my work you should definitely pick one up , use it to wipe your arse with , a notepad , fire kindling , placemats, I don’t care I made it to be destroyed , I have them priced at 24 bucks , and that is really good for a 318 page book of images you can do anything with.

Cut and paste the link below to order direct. below that are sample images from Vol.1 and upcoming Vol.2